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Wall Mateico – Art and social media.

Art from ancient times has been a medium for artistic expression and communication. Artists strive to reach as wide an audience as possible to share their works and convey their message. Thanks to the development of social media, this goal has become easier to achieve. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter enable artists to present their creativity to a vast audience worldwide. In this article, we will explore how social media impacts artists’ reach to a broader audience, the benefits and challenges associated with this phenomenon, and introduce the usefulness that will be available on the Mateico platform – namely, the WALL.

The Development of Social Media and Art

Social media has contributed to a revolution in social and cultural communication. With their development, the way artists present their works and communicate with the audience has changed. Traditionally, artists had to rely on art galleries, exhibitions, festivals, or traditional media such as television and print to reach a wider audience. These traditional means of communication were often geographically limited and required financial investment.

With the emergence of social media, artists have gained tools that allow them to directly present their creativity to the audience. The ability to create a profile on Instagram, where they can share photos of their works, or on Facebook, where they can create events and invite people to exhibitions, has opened up entirely new possibilities for artists. Independent creators who previously struggled to reach a broader audience can now build their personal brands and gain recognition on an international level.

Benefits of Using Social Media for Artists

Utilizing social media platforms offers many benefits for artists. One of them is the ability to reach a tremendous number of people worldwide. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook have millions of users, providing artists with unlimited opportunities to reach potential audiences. Artworks can be shared, liked, commented on, and reposted, allowing for rapid dissemination of information about an artist’s creativity.

Furthermore, social media enables artists to build strong relationships with their audience. Through interactions with fans and followers, artists can receive feedback, suggestions, and support, which is incredibly valuable in the creative process. The ability to communicate directly with the audience allows for the formation of bonds and the creation of communities around the artist.

Social media is also an excellent tool for self-promotion and personal branding. Artists can create a consistent online image that reflects their style, values, and artistic message. Professionally captured photos of artworks, virtual studio tours, recordings of the creative process—all contribute to building recognition and strengthening the artist’s personal brand.

Mateico’s WALL 

On our platform, we will provide users with a space where they can create posts, add photos, short videos, and texts, as well as interact with other users—similar to popular social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. With this feature, artists can easily showcase their works, engage with other users, thus increasing visibility and interactions related to their creativity.



Challenges of Using Social Media in Art

Despite numerous benefits, using social media in art also poses certain challenges. The first one is the risk of privacy loss. Using social media requires sharing a part of one’s personal life. Artists may be subjected to judgment, criticism, and online attacks. Moreover, sharing artworks online carries the risk of intellectual property theft and unauthorized use. Artists must be aware of these risks and appropriately protect their works and personal data.

Another challenge is the information overload and competition. Social media platforms are filled with content, and users are bombarded with information from various sources. In such an environment, artists need to find a way to stand out and capture the attention of their audience. This requires not only high-quality works but also the strategic promotion and creation of engaging content.

Artists must also consider the balance between using social media and the creative process itself. Often, artists may get lost in the virtual world, spending too much time on posting

and interacting with the audience, neglecting their actual artistic practice. It is important to find a balance between being active on social media and preserving time and space for artistic development.


Did you know?

Mateico will support artists in promotion by organizing various events. Our platform will host contests that help attract a wider audience. Additionally, we will publish interviews, organize exhibitions, and concerts to further integrate with artists and the art world. Through these efforts, we will closely collaborate with artists, enabling them to gain even greater exposure and promote their creativity.



Social media has become an integral part of artists’ lives, allowing them to reach a broader audience. Through platforms like Instagram and Facebook, artists have the opportunity to showcase their creativity to millions of people worldwide. Utilizing social media brings many benefits, such as the ability to reach a vast number of viewers, build strong relationships with the audience, and promote personal branding. However, there are also challenges, such as the loss of privacy, information overload and competition, and the need to find a balance between social media presence and the artistic process.

Therefore, artists should consciously use social media, leveraging its potential for promoting their creativity while maintaining a healthy balance between the virtual world and the development of their artistic practice. There is no doubt that social media has a tremendous impact on artists’ reach to a broader audience and serves as a significant tool in their career development in today’s globalized and technological world.