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Mateico is thrilled to announce its partnership with Jack The Rippler - an exceptional blockchain enthusiast and advocate of crypto-assets, particularly XDC, XLM, and of course, XRP. Jack The Rippler is a recognized figure who maintains contact with his dynamic community on Twitter, boasting an impressive following of over 150,000. His dedication, ability to provide intriguing insights, and profound research are truly admirable. A Shared Mission. Our mission is to leverage the benefits of emerging technologies such as blockchain, virtual reality, and augmented reality to create innovative products and services that transform businesses and empower creators. We are delighted to continue this mission alongside Jack The Rippler and his community, working towards building a future where new technologies support people's creativity and independence. XRP Army! Jack The Rippler's community comprises informed investors and enthusiasts who show immense interest in blockchain technology and crypto-assets. At Mateico, we appreciate and share this enthusiasm, warmly welcoming this community into our midst. We firmly believe that partnering with Jack The Rippler will strengthen our efforts in creating innovative solutions and pave the way for exciting collaborations. Let's join forces - together, we are stronger! Welcome aboard, Jack The Ripple! We extend a warm welcome to Jack The Rippler and his

We are thrilled to announce the opening of the official Mateico Telegram discussion group, where you can connect with fellow art enthusiasts, investors, and members of our community. This dedicated space aims to create a platform for valuable discussions, sharing updates, and exchanging ideas about the fascinating world of digital art, culture, and investment. Joining our Telegram group offers many benefits, including: 🤝 Connecting with like-minded individuals. Engage with a diverse community of people who share a passion for art, technology, and investment. Collaborate, learn, and network with others who share your enthusiasm for the potential of Mateico and XDC. 📢 Real-time updates. Be the first to receive the latest news, project updates, and important announcements directly from the Mateico team. Stay informed about the latest developments, project growth, partnerships, and opportunities in the field of digital art and beyond. 💬 Engaging in meaningful discussions. Participate in conversations, exchange opinions, and share perspectives on various topics related to art and new technology. Whether discussing the impact of technology on the art world or a new album from your favorite artist, our Telegram group is a meeting place for diverse enthusiasts. 🚀 Access to exclusive content. Be part of exclusive events, Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions with our team, and

Art from ancient times has been a medium for artistic expression and communication. Artists strive to reach as wide an audience as possible to share their works and convey their message. Thanks to the development of social media, this goal has become easier to achieve. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter enable artists to present their creativity to a vast audience worldwide. In this article, we will explore how social media impacts artists' reach to a broader audience, the benefits and challenges associated with this phenomenon, and introduce the usefulness that will be available on the Mateico platform - namely, the WALL. The Development of Social Media and Art Social media has contributed to a revolution in social and cultural communication. With their development, the way artists present their works and communicate with the audience has changed. Traditionally, artists had to rely on art galleries, exhibitions, festivals, or traditional media such as television and print to reach a wider audience. These traditional means of communication were often geographically limited and required financial investment. With the emergence of social media, artists have gained tools that allow them to directly present their creativity to the audience. The ability to create a profile on Instagram,