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Łukasz Danielewski

Chief Executive Officer / Founder

has been associated with the artistic and cultural world from an early age. Electronic music creator known as ``Lewskhi``. Sound engineer, creative soul, originator of the Mateico project. He has 7 years of experience in creative and sales work. Passionate about new technologies. In the crypto market since 2011.

Michał Andrzejuk

Chief Operating Officer

involved with the implementation and development of applications in various industries for over 14 years (education, telecommunications, media, sales, HR). Since 2015 President of an IT company focused on implementation of desktop and web applications supporting HR and payroll processes in organizations.

Robert Wojciechowski

Executive Board Advisor

as an expert in multi-industry strategy marketing and management has been engaged in traditional finance for 30 years and blockchain and cryptocurrency for over 5 years with world reputation. He took part in the establishment of, among others, the Polish Audit Bureau of Circulation and Polish Readership Survey. In 2000 he also organized the Polish Internet Survey where he acted as the President of the Management Board. The President of the Board of the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce and New Technologies. In OAAM Consulting Ltd he provides entities with blockchain strategy and support in crowdfunding and business tokenization.

Rafał Kiełbus

Chief Blockchain Officer

is a member of the Polish Bitcoin Association, a board member of the Blockchain and New Technologies Chamber of Commerce, an arbitrator of the IGBiNT Court of Arbitration. He participated in the work of the ``Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies`` Stream at the Ministry of Digital Affairs. He participated in the work of the ``Parliamentary Team for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies`` of MP Wilk. He participated in the work on the ``Report on blockchain technology`` at the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. He took part in updating the code of the niche digital currencies Doubloons, Polcoin, PLNcoin. He took part in creating the digitalPLN currency. He worked at the Polish Blockchain Technology Accelerator as a programmer. He had the opportunity to give a lecture at ASBiRO. He lectures at postgraduate studies at the Warsaw School of Economics. He is involved in several projects as a blockchain developer and advisor.

Tomasz Czarnecki

Chief Information Security Officer

President of the Management Board of DOIT.BIZ Sp. z o.o. / Information Security Expert / GDPR. Certified Data Protection Officer / ISO27001 Auditor. IT Director responsible for the Digitization and IT Security Strategy in companies and holdings with an annual turnover of over PLN 1 billion. Representative sponsor of implementation programs. Manager of implementation teams for IT systems used by tens of thousands of users. Enthusiast of new technologies that goes beyond of the known reality. Privately, husband and father of three daughters. Amateur drummer, chorister, long-distance runner, avid motorcyclist.

Alexander Belov


Alexander Belov is a recognized blockchain public speaker, co-founder of Coinstelegram fund, and contributor at and Forbes Monaco. He is also a PR director of Beeminer Group, which is building the largest mining farm in the world using a new immersion cooling technology. Alex is in the TOP 10 leading blockchain entrepreneurs 2020 and TOP 30 influential people in the blockchain industry. Alex is also a co-producer of the ENCRYPTED Production Bitcoin documentary film.

Julianna Mełnicka

Graphic Designer

Owner of Link Master Agencja Interaktywna. Computer graphic artist. In her work, she mainly focuses on utility graphics. She specializes in designing logotypes, posters, Web portals, mobile applications, as well as shops and websites. She designed many music album and book covers. A graduate of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, International relations faculty. An enthusiast of hiking, photography, and handcraft.

Witold Pieczatowski

System Architect

He has been dealing with on-line marketing and use of Google browser for marketing purposes since nearly 20 years. A manager, coordinator and architect of several dozen IT projects, including databases, e-learning platforms, Web portals, mobile applications, as well as shops and websites. For many years, he has been connecting the IT world (programmers) with the artistic world (graphic designers). A close cooperator and creator of Link Master Agencja Interaktywna.