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Fundraising: Mateico VIP NFT Collection + Token Sale

Dear Mates,

We are thrilled to inform you that today, on January 24th, we are embarking on an exciting journey with the launch of our token offering, thanks to the unique Mateico VIP Collection. This exceptional NFT series is a crucial element of our current project fundraising round, aimed at supporting our ongoing development.

The concept of NFTs has been designed to provide numerous additional benefits to our community. For investors acquiring NFTs from this collection, we have prepared several additional perks, including:

  • special staking programs,
  • discounts on the platform,
  • access to unique content on the platform and special auctions,
  • as well as exclusive invitations to future events organized by Mateico.
  • additionally, every investor purchasing NFTs from the collection during this fundraising stage will receive the equivalent of the invested amount in $MATE tokens (price: $0.03).

Once we surpass $150,000.00, the fundraising will continue for an additional 30 days, after which listing will take place, and the token will no longer be sent together with the NFT collection.

Key Information:

Buy NFT:

Name: Mateico VIP Collection

NFT Cost: $500

Number of NFTs: 1000

Staking: 20%.+ future programs

Price per token: $0.03 (16.666 $MATE)

To achieve our goals, we have set three financial milestones:

  1. Softcap: $150,000.00

– Platform:

– Mateico Gallery & M-art

– M-show

– NFT Marketplace

– Mateico Store

– Listing

  1. Midcap: $250,000.00

– Achieve Softcap goals

– Secure DEX liquidity of $100,000.00

  1. Hardcap: $500,000.00

– Achieve Softcap and Midcap goals

– Expand our platform

– Implement market making, including buyback

– Ensure DEX liquidity


Join us today and be a part of this unique journey! Let’s collectively raise funds for the platform’s development and enjoy the benefits of owning our exclusive tokens!

Thank you for your support!

Best regards,

Mateico Team