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Exciting Announcement: 24th January 2024 – Pre Sale of the $MATE Token

Dear Mateico Community,

We’re thrilled to share a major milestone in Mateico’s journey! In collaboration with Circularity Finance, we’re hosting the pre sale of the $MATE token on 24th January, 2024. This event signifies a pivotal moment in our commitment to art, technology, creativity, and innovation.

Key information:

Token Sale Date: 24th January, 2024


Soft Cap: $150,000

Hard Cap: $400,000

Pre-sale price: $0.03

Listing price: $0.1

Pre-sale duration: 30 days

Vesting: 3 months vesting

What to expect: has chosen the Circularity Finance platform as the venue for the pre-sale. This sale opens up exciting opportunities for art lovers, technology pioneers and investors to become an integral part of the Mateico ecosystem.

Why It’s Worth Taking Part:

Invest in the future of art, culture, and entertainment by acquiring $MATE tokens. Unlock exclusive features, access premium content, take part in art competitions, build a community, contribute to the development of the platform by voting, create history with us.

Special Offer:

Each investor who takes part in the public sale and the investment is equal to or exceeds $1,000 will receive an NFT from the special Mateico collection, which will enable you to participate in unique auctions, provide access to unique content on the platform, and strengthen your voting power during votes and competitions.

How to Participate:

Visit and familiarize yourself with the platform, prepare your account to be ready for the day of the pre-sale. We encourage you to explore the whitepaper, the $CiFi tokenomics, and support this ecosystem.

Circularity Finance Telegram Group:

Funds allocation:

  1. Complete the platform:

– Mateico Gallery

– M-art

– M-show

– Player

– Tickets

– M-Books

– NFT Marketplace

– Mateico Store

Including tools such as:

– Wall

– Portfolio

– Extensive auction system

– NFT mining

– Access to unique content using NFTs

– QR code generator

– Video & Audio player

  1. Listing on CEX
  2. Market making
  3. Marketing

Don’t Miss Out!

For updates and additional details on the $MATE token sale, please follow our official channels including website, social media and join the group on Telegram.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this breakthrough moment. Join us on 24th January 2024, as we redefine the future of art, culture, creativity and innovation.

Thank you for your support!