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After every storm, the sun shines…

The past year has been full of challenges, new experiences, and lessons that have made us stronger. The beginning of our journey was not kind to us. First, the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on economies around the world, then the war among our Ukrainian brothers and the uncertainty in the region caused by Russia. We all lived (and still live) in fear and apprehension, wondering how it will all end. Along the way, there was the situation with LUNA, followed by FTX. It was difficult to garner interest among the community and investment funds, which withdrew from the market and were not as eager to invest as they were before due to the aforementioned situations.

As you probably know, the launchpad that took place in September was not successful, which complicated our plans for development and listing. Our work slowed down, and activity decreased as we weathered this challenging time and stayed in the game…

During this time, we started working on the platform, prepared a market entry plan, developed a strategy, and expanded the range of services we want to implement. Now it’s time for the next big step that will allow us to move forward. In the coming weeks and months, we will be much more active in the online space to reach both investors and artists, letting them know that a place is being created with them in mind.

We know that the XDC community is an aware and fantastic community, so we will definitely engage more in building relationships with you.

Upcoming announcements:

  • Public token sale round
  • Listing and exchanges we will cooperate with
  • Launching a discussion group

After every storm, the sun shines, so we don’t intend to give up. It is no coincidence that the year 2023 is the official year of Jan Matejko in Poland. This cannot fail! Thank you for being with us. And now, let’s get to work.