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We are thrilled to announce the opening of the official Mateico Telegram discussion group, where you can connect with fellow art enthusiasts, investors, and members of our community. This dedicated space aims to create a platform for valuable discussions, sharing updates, and exchanging ideas about the fascinating world of digital art, culture, and investment. Joining our Telegram group offers many benefits, including: 🤝 Connecting with like-minded individuals. Engage with a diverse community of people who share a passion for art, technology, and investment. Collaborate, learn, and network with others who share your enthusiasm for the potential of Mateico and XDC. 📢 Real-time updates. Be the first to receive the latest news, project updates, and important announcements directly from the Mateico team. Stay informed about the latest developments, project growth, partnerships, and opportunities in the field of digital art and beyond. 💬 Engaging in meaningful discussions. Participate in conversations, exchange opinions, and share perspectives on various topics related to art and new technology. Whether discussing the impact of technology on the art world or a new album from your favorite artist, our Telegram group is a meeting place for diverse enthusiasts. 🚀 Access to exclusive content. Be part of exclusive events, Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions with our team, and

Welcome to the fascinating world of projects and businesses built on the XDC Network! Today, we will take you on a journey full of innovation, creativity, and the potential that lies within this dynamic ecosystem. Have you ever wondered how blockchain technology can transform businesses and open up new possibilities? Well, XDC Network proves that this is where you can find extraordinary projects that harness the power of blockchain to the fullest.   Below is a list of selected projects and businesses. If you want to learn more about the partners and explore more projects, be sure to visit the website:   BlocksScan BlocksScan is a block explorer and analytics platform that provides consulting, development, and integration services to help companies critically examine the value of blockchain to their business.   Globiance Globiance is an exchange platform on the XDC network with both centralized and decentralized marketplaces. Complete with banking services and payment gateways, Globiance is fully licensed and compliant with regulations. Already active in 13 countries, Globiance offers fully-regulated services for corporate and retail customers in several countries, on five continents - and growing.   Plugin     Plugin enables the smart contract to connect with the real-time world and the data that it receives from the data feed provider is trustable by