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Mateico is thrilled to announce its partnership with Jack The Rippler - an exceptional blockchain enthusiast and advocate of crypto-assets, particularly XDC, XLM, and of course, XRP. Jack The Rippler is a recognized figure who maintains contact with his dynamic community on Twitter, boasting an impressive following of over 150,000. His dedication, ability to provide intriguing insights, and profound research are truly admirable. A Shared Mission. Our mission is to leverage the benefits of emerging technologies such as blockchain, virtual reality, and augmented reality to create innovative products and services that transform businesses and empower creators. We are delighted to continue this mission alongside Jack The Rippler and his community, working towards building a future where new technologies support people's creativity and independence. XRP Army! Jack The Rippler's community comprises informed investors and enthusiasts who show immense interest in blockchain technology and crypto-assets. At Mateico, we appreciate and share this enthusiasm, warmly welcoming this community into our midst. We firmly believe that partnering with Jack The Rippler will strengthen our efforts in creating innovative solutions and pave the way for exciting collaborations. Let's join forces - together, we are stronger! Welcome aboard, Jack The Ripple! We extend a warm welcome to Jack The Rippler and his

Mateico, with great joy, announces that we are seeking enthusiasts who would like to become brand ambassadors and take part in an extraordinary marketing adventure! We believe in the transformative power of creativity and eagerly look forward to collaborating with influential individuals who share our vision. As a brand ambassador for Mateico, you will have a unique opportunity to represent our innovative platform and contribute to its growth. We are looking for ambassadors who are ambitious, influential, and enthusiastic about the world of art, culture, entertainment, technology, and investments. Together, we will unlock the full potential of Mateico and revolutionize the way people perceive and engage with the art market. Furthermore, we will create entirely new possibilities for artists worldwide by placing innovative solutions and practical functionalities in their hands. What will you gain? Exclusive Information. As a brand ambassador, you will have access to advanced information about Mateico's development, upcoming features, and exciting partnerships. You will join our group where we discuss development-related topics and more. Be the first to know the latest news and share it with your community. Rewards and Loyalty. We appreciate your contributions and dedication. As a Mateico brand ambassador, you will have the chance to earn rewards, recognition, and privileges