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Art has always played the role of reflecting the spirit of its time and reflecting social, political, and cultural changes. In today's era of postmodernism and new media, artists have even greater freedom in creation and experimentation. The visionaries of our time are those who not only create works of art but also transform our perception of the world and provoke reflection. Their invaluable influence on art is difficult to overestimate. Contemporary artists go through a long journey from creative impulse to the final work of art. Their creative process often combines various disciplines and techniques, from traditional painting and sculpture to modern multimedia installations and performance art. The visionaries of our time are not afraid to experiment with form and content, combining different mediums and utilizing advanced technologies. As a result, they are able to evoke deep emotions and stimulate the imagination of the audience. Banksy: The mysterious street artist who provokes and engages society. One of the most influential contemporary artists is Banksy. He is a mysterious street artist whose works appear on city walls around the world. His unique style, combining humor, political commentary, and surrealistic imagery, makes people pause and contemplate the message of his works. Banksy uses the