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The internet has undoubtedly become the primary source of video and audio content for millions of users worldwide. With platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud, and many others, streaming multimedia has become easy, accessible, and incredibly popular. Let's take a closer look at modern methods of online video and audio streaming and how these platforms impact our culture and content consumption habits. Mateico Player. Mateico Player is an innovative tool that enables creators to seamlessly share their audio and video content. But that's not all! Our platform will also offer unique features that allow creators to control access to their works. They can decide whether their content should be available to everyone, only to holders of specific NFTs, or accessible after a one-time payment. We want to emphasize that the majority of revenue generated by users remains in the hands of the creators themselves. Unlike the competition, we don't take away 50% or even 30% of user payments, both for content access and "donate" contributions. Below, we will unveil a few cards for you. Shorts. We are aware that the community expects short-form video content, similar to what is available on platforms like TikTok or YouTube Shorts. That's why our player will also allow access to