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  Street photography is a fascinating and dynamic genre that allows photographers to capture fleeting moments of urban life. In this article, we'll guide you through the key elements of street photography, from choosing the right gear to composition techniques and the ethics of working in public spaces. 1. Choosing the Right Gear a) Camera Although any camera can be used for street photography, the best choice is compact, discreet, and quick to operate. Mirrorless cameras or DSLRs with small lenses are ideal. b) Lens Wide-angle lenses (24-35 mm) are most commonly preferred because they allow you to capture a broad perspective of the street scene and easily compose photos in tight spaces. c) Accessories Minimalism is key – additional accessories can be unnecessary and cumbersome. A good shoulder strap, an extra battery, and a memory card are usually all you need. 2. Composition Techniques a) Leading Lines Leading lines (e.g., curbs, tram tracks) direct the viewer's eye towards the main subject of the photo. Use them to add depth and structure to your images. b) Rule of Thirds Dividing the frame into three equal parts both horizontally and vertically creates intersection points where placing key elements adds dynamism and harmony to the photo. c) Perspective and Angle of View Experiment with different perspectives –