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Player: Mateico, YouTube, SoundCloud – streaming.

The internet has undoubtedly become the primary source of video and audio content for millions of users worldwide. With platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud, and many others, streaming multimedia has become easy, accessible, and incredibly popular. Let’s take a closer look at modern methods of online video and audio streaming and how these platforms impact our culture and content consumption habits.

Mateico Player.

Mateico Player is an innovative tool that enables creators to seamlessly share their audio and video content. But that’s not all! Our platform will also offer unique features that allow creators to control access to their works. They can decide whether their content should be available to everyone, only to holders of specific NFTs, or accessible after a one-time payment. We want to emphasize that the majority of revenue generated by users remains in the hands of the creators themselves. Unlike the competition, we don’t take away 50% or even 30% of user payments, both for content access and “donate” contributions. Below, we will unveil a few cards for you.

We are aware that the community expects short-form video content, similar to what is available on platforms like TikTok or YouTube Shorts. That’s why our player will also allow access to short-format videos. However, unlike other platforms, we won’t inundate users with thousands of hours of trends or car repair tutorials. Our goal is to create a space where art and creativity play a central role. On Mateico, you’ll find unique recordings of concerts, band rehearsals, exclusive audio recordings not available anywhere else, interesting tutorials related to playing instruments, and tutorials led by experienced artists. It’s a platform where you can always discover emerging talents and join a conscious artistic community.


Currently, our main focus is on music and video, but our long-term plans also include the possibility of live streaming. Over time, we will respond to the needs of our community and consider expanding our offerings to other areas, such as the gaming market. However, at the beginning, we are focusing on art, music, and everything related to them. We are building a community of creative individuals that inspire wonderful collaborations and provide fans with hundreds of hours of valuable recordings. We want Mateico to be a place where artists want to share their creations, and enthusiasts can enjoy high-quality content created with love and dedication.

“Stand-up for your rights” – Fight for freedom of speech.

Censorship of stand-up comedy on internet platforms, such as YouTube, continues to pose a significant challenge to freedom of speech and artistic expression. Comedians strive to convey their messages and reflections, often on controversial topics, but face difficulties related to the interpretation and evaluation of content by platforms. The debate on censorship and freedom of speech in the context of stand-up comedy on internet platforms is still relevant and important for preserving artistic diversity and the freedom to express opinions. As Mateico, we will support artists, even those who want to convey something through controversial discussions or monologues. Stand-up is also an art form! World comedians – we stand with you!


Of course, we cannot forget about creators who are pioneers in promoting new technologies, such as cryptocurrencies. On our platform, we give them complete freedom to create content related to this topic without fear of reach limitations or sanctions. This is our explicit promise to all creators involved in cryptocurrencies – our platform is friendly to your content.

Moreover, we place great importance on integrating cryptocurrencies into our platform. We plan to introduce various cryptocurrency-based payment mechanisms to facilitate transactions between creators and their audience. We want our platform to be a place where technology enthusiasts can build communities, share knowledge, and strengthen their ecosystems. We are excited to create a space that provides freedom of expression for creators and support for their thematic content.

YouTube: The main player in the world of video streaming.

One of the most well-known and popular video streaming platforms is undoubtedly YouTube. Since its debut in 2005, YouTube has become a true giant in the streaming industry. Its unique platform allows users to upload, share, and stream diverse video content. We can find short amateur clips, professional film productions, music, vlogs, tutorials, and much more. YouTube offers a wide selection of content in various categories tailored to users’ interests and preferences. Additionally, interactive features such as comments, likes, and subscriptions enable community-building and engagement in developing one’s own video channel. YouTube has become a powerful cultural tool, providing young talents with the opportunity to gain popularity through their video skills.

SoundCloud: Discover independent music online.

Similar to YouTube, SoundCloud is a popular audio streaming service. This platform allows both independent artists and established musicians to share their music online. Users can play tracks, create playlists, comment, and share music with others. SoundCloud has become an important source for discovering new artists and music genres that may exist outside the mainstream music industry. Through this platform, the independent music scene has the opportunity to reach a broad audience, creating bonds between artists and their fans.

The wealth of platforms: Netflix, Twitch, and others.

Of course, YouTube and SoundCloud are just a part of the rich ecosystem of online video and audio streaming services. Other platforms like Netflix offer movie and TV show streaming as part of a subscription, providing a wide range of entertainment content for users. There are also platforms like Twitch, which enable live video streaming of various content, including video games, concerts, podcasts, and more.

Limitless access to video and audio content.

The advantage of these platforms lies in giving users unlimited access to diverse video and audio content. Through them, we can watch our favorite movies, listen to music, discover new artists, engage in video games, and even learn through tutorials and online courses. The choice is vast, and everyone can find something suitable for themselves.

Individual user experience.

It’s also worth noting that these platforms have changed the way we consume video and audio content. Traditional media such as television and radio are being replaced by online streaming, which gives us full control over what we want to watch and listen to. Now we can customize our experience by creating our own playlists, subscribing to favorite channels, and receiving personalized recommendations. This makes content streaming more interactive and individualized.

Challenges and competition for creators.

However, as is often the case, there are challenges associated with these platforms. Although they are open to everyone, standing out from the crowd and gaining popularity can be difficult. Many individuals strive to reach a wider audience and attract attention, leading to intense competition. Additionally, there is the issue of copyright management and content protection, as some materials are shared without the consent of their creators.

Copyright issues and content protection.

Modern methods of online video and audio streaming, such as YouTube, SoundCloud, and other platforms, are also associated with copyright issues and content protection. Creators must be aware of their rights and ensure that their materials are protected from unauthorized use.

Transforming our content consumption habits.

Modern methods of online video and audio streaming play a crucial role in our daily lives. They allow us to express ourselves, share our creativity, discover new content, and communicate with others. This dynamic environment transforms how we consume and create multimedia content. The future of online video and audio streaming seems promising, and these platforms will continue to evolve, providing us with countless hours of entertainment and inspiration.

The future of online video and audio streaming.

With continuous technological advancements and growing demand for video and audio content, the future of online video and audio streaming appears promising. We can expect further innovation, enriching

our experience with new features and capabilities. We can anticipate even greater personalization, improved audio and video quality, and increased integration with other platforms and devices.


Modern methods of online video and audio streaming, such as YouTube, SoundCloud, and many other platforms, have transformed the way we consume multimedia content. They provide us with unlimited access to diverse content, allowing us to discover new talents and share our own creativity. However, challenges such as competition and content protection exist. Nonetheless, the future of video and audio streaming seems promising, as these platforms will continue to evolve, offering us entertainment, inspiration, and opportunities for user interaction.