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Platform updates.Where are we now?

Hello, Mates! The last day of Q2 has passed and, as you may know, we have not yet launched the pre-sale. There were several factors that contributed to this. However, in the end I decided to delay the pre-sale due to the market situation. Work on the first utility on the platform started some time ago and is at an advanced stage. The first service will be available sooner than we expected. I believe this will be a strong argument when organizing pre-sales. In the coming days, I intend to provide an update of our tokenomy on The same goes for the roadmap. There will be subtle changes and new goals. Thank you for allowing us to do our work and I hope that the market situation has not provided you with problems. To sum up: despite the sentiment in the market, we are working every day to create an ecosytem of Mateico, so stay tuned!

Upcoming updates:

▪️Tokenomics (more details, staking, airdrops)
▪️Roadmap (more details, new goals)
▪️Mateico Academy (educational series)
▪️Mateico Foundation (website)


Łukasz Danielewski