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New dates

Hi, MATES! Busy period here, but I am very happy that we are getting closer to our goal every day. I have received feedback from you regarding the roadmap, tokenomics and how we communicate certain things. Your feedback is very important to me, so I have decided to improve, change and implement some things. In this announcement, I will touch on a few aspects, and by doing so, I hope to answer all the questions that have come up recently.

ROADMAP (August 1st)

From now on, the roadmap will be more detailed with specific dates, so that you can be clear about our plans. I hope this change will save us uncertainty and make us more predictable and transparent.

TOKENOMICS update (August 7th)

After the information I posted regarding the tokenomy update, I received several messages from you, in which you wrote what kind of changes these will be. I want to inform you that any changes to tokenomy are not about increasing the number of tokens. On the contrary, I will announce a token burning plan, what the fee issue on the platform will look like, the allocation of funds and some minor aesthetic changes. Again, these changes are to show you how $MATE will be used in the ecosystem. 

STAKING (September 21st)

I am going to announce several staking programs. Among other things, I will present how the NFTs from the Mateico collection will allow the owner to join a specific staking program and some other suggestions. I think the community will be eager to see this, as I want to prepare noteworthy programs. 

AIRDROPS (September 21st)

This update will present the logic of rewards for the community and artists who, for example, decide to make a wrapped NFT minted on Opensea for our platform. We will announce the first contests for creators, users and investors. There is a lot of fun and tasks to be done here! 

MVP Mateico Gallery Presentation (September 20th)

This will be a very important date for us. We will present you with the fruit of our labor and show you the first usability. Until the presentation of Galeria Mateico, we will provide you with materials showing the product and familiarize you with its use.

WHITEPAPER update (September 22nd)

On the new roadmap, you can see new targets, deadlines and usabilities. There will be more detailed data and technical descriptions with the usabilities that will appear on the platform, which we have not announced so far. For example, we will be implementing wrapped NFTs,, and our marketplace will be compatible with Opensea. These are just a few of the main additional features we will be offering. More usability will follow as the platform develops

PRE-SALE (September 24th) 

As you already know, I decided to use bad sentiment in the market to create a product and make it the main focus. The PRE-SALE date has been set after the presentation of the Mateico Gallery MVP and the implementation of all updates and changes. I believe this will increase the chances for a successful pre-sale of $MATE and will positively influence investors and users to see what they are investing in and what the platform will look like. 

A detailed description of each round, including the minimum and maximum investment, will appear when tokenomics is updated. We can prepare individual terms and conditions for investors who want to invest more than $50,000 USDT. 

For all investment questions, please email:


PRICE: ($0.025) 





PRICE: ($0.037)

STATUS: START 24.09.2022


We are going to burn all the unsold tokens! 

Before the listing, all tokens that failed to sell will be burned during one big event. 


Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Łukasz Danielewski