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Mateico foundation and our first protege

Probably many of you associate Mateico with an innovative NFT platform. Today we are proud to announce our new protege that will allow us to motivate artists, their work and bring help to those in need. We have founded a foundation that will work on three pillars. We will provide a special platform so that each of you can participate in our way of helping by jointly dropping money for specific purposes. 


Firstly, we want to support children from orphanages. Our assistance in this regard will be based on providing materials and funding for art classes. In this case, it is not talent, but artistic interest itself, that will be a kind of requirement to qualify for support from our community. We will be providing products and materials that are necessary and pay for extra classes to enable children to develop their passions.


Picture 1 – photo by warsawstyle


For young talents, we have planned to conduct regular thematic competitions, without restrictions on style of music, type of artwork and form of works. For us, everyone has the same chances and our responsibility is to drop the boundaries of imagination. We are going to create special forms through which you can submit your applications. Ideal conclusion will be the example: ‘You want to organize an exhibition, but you can afford it? Apply to us, we will try to help you!’. 


There will also be enough space for artists. We know how difficult the beginnings are, which often derail the possibility of further development. And this is where we want to appear and dispel the black clouds. In the artistic branch not only money plays an important role in support, so we will also offer mentoring and marketing assistance. Together with you, we will contribute to winging the broader art market. 


Picture 2 – photo by warsawstyle


Who else but us? That was my first thought about supporting the art community. The huge cost at the start of a career can exclude many young talents. We want to contribute to lowering the barrier of entry. In addition to this, we want to create opportunities for children from orphanages to develop interests related to the arts, who, thanks to our activities, will have the opportunity to attend classes in playing instruments, develop their painting skills and so on. I very much hope that the community we will all create will let us build something great and valuable, concludes Lukasz Danielewski, Mateico Founder. 


Our foundation is no longer just a plan for the future. Skrubol, as Mateico’s first protege, was – thanks to us – given a chance to return to California for some new inspiration.


Traveling to California sparked in me the desire to share my impressions with people. That’s why I came up with the idea of organizing another trip, this time to shoot music videos and do a photo shoot for the project’s cover. Thanks to the support of the Mateico Foundation, I set off once again to Los Angeles with a video creator Ludwik Lis aka @warsawstyle, painter and graphic designer Ponchee193 and my brother and closest collaborator JupiJej. Less than three weeks of shooting (interspersed with rap concerts, graffiti sessions and soaking up the vibe of the city) resulted in three distinct music videos that are the perfect complement to my latest album ‘PROCES’, says Skrubol, PROCES album creator. 


The album is a collection of recorded sounds to reflect the experiences of recent years. The individual beats, sounds and scratches are made up of memories of a trip to California, which provided the impetus for his search for his artistic character and his understanding of how best to express himself through music. ‘PROCES’ is a phonographic journey of the road Skrubol had to travel, taking part in collaborative projects with WCK and JupiJej in the process, to find his own distinctive hip-hop style. 


The music you’ll hear on the album will give you a sense of the vibrant sound of the Los Angeles scene, as well as all the benefit of inventory that comes from being in one of the most populous cities in the United States. Expressing all the California experience in music would not have been possible without a few significant producers. 

The musical backbone of the project is based around the beats of Misha aka Nice ATZ, who added British grime and power to the funky guitars, pipes and bass. His music has been supplemented with compositions by MIroff – Poland’s leading freshman when it comes to beats, Lohleq – a man who converts my emotions into sounds with incredible ease, Odme – a veteran from BOR who knows what’s 5 on stage and Kuba Knap – he feels what’s in my soul, adds Skrubol.


Picture 3 – photo by warsawstyle


As we hear from the artist himself, the path to completing ‘PROCES’ was also not free of the coincidences that ultimately shaped it. The album features productions by DJ HWR (known mainly in Silesia, Poland) or FALCON1 (awarded DJ of the year by two independent polls) that act as musical signposts for Skrubol, as well as a track created jointly with Kapi. There was also room for a female debut, an increasingly frequent phenomenon in Polish rap, by the charming Ita, who did phenomenally. ’PROCESS’ is a journey during which Skrubol has jumped to a higher level and found himself in a place where he feels comfortable. If you know Skrubol from his previous works, you will hear the same guy, but in an improved version. If you still haven’t had a chance to listen to his music,  it’s a unique journey that you can’t miss.


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