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My name is Łukasz Danielewski and I am the originator of the Mateico project. I am very pleased that
you have become interested in this project. As you know, we live in a time when the internet is
undergoing (r) evolution. Thanks to the Mateico project, we can not only witness these changes, but
also be part of them. One of the main assumptions of the project is to offer a multifunctional
platform that includes utilities from various fields, artistic, investor, entertainment, gaming, tourist
and educational, and also offers charity and therapeutic help. Some of our offers are innovative, and
their application in the Internet space will take place for the first time ever. We intend to work
closely with various projects that offer similar solutions, so that users receive multiple services and
products in one place.
The Mateico platform will be powered by technologies that become more and more popular every
year. Thanks to blockchain technology, people get more freedom in the financial space, they can own
the digital items, virtual land, etc. Virtual reality technology allows us to literally travel in time and
teleport to places hundreds of kilometers away without leaving home. The Metaverse offered by
Mateico is an open world in which the user is able to meet people from all over the world, participate
in concerts, events, dates, use the services offered by business partners, build, collect, play, discover
and, in fact, the limit here is only one’s imagination. Speaking of virtual reality, the VR park is worth
mentioning. It is going to be built in the vicinity of Warsaw. Entrance tickets will be distributed via the
Mateico portal as NFT. We will be sharing more information about this project soon. Augmented
reality is an app, that will encourage users to spend time outside, to discover new places, to
participate in concerts and events, but also to receive various prizes, surprises and token drops, e.g.
during concerts. Blockchain based on XinFin technology was consciously chosen, because it will
provide the user with low transaction fees, transfer speed, security and interoperability. It is an
environmentally friendly technology, and this is an argument at a premium these days. Another
important element of the project is sharing the profit with those in need. A foundation will be
established to help children from orphanages, support young artists and creators, and projects built
at XDC. I am convinced that Mateico and its community can do a lot of good for others.
Today we are still at a very early stage and taking into account all development directions, goals and
plans. It should be noted that the project that will be fully functional in a year time. The development
is planned for several years and thanks to our versatility, we will be able to constantly improve,
create and offer new solutions, offering the recipient unforgettable experiences, as well as products
and services at the highest level. As it is a project that needs knowledge, experience and passion, I
keep in touch with new specialist. I believe that cooperation with professionals, young talents and
people with passion will allow us to create something more than just a “project”, and the Mateico
brand will evoke only positive associations. Information about new members of the Mateico crew
and the search for people for specific positions will be updated on a regular basis, but if you already
feel that your skills can be useful and would like to get involved in the development of the project,
write an email to – I’d love to talk to you about it.
Thank you for your time and interest. I will be happy to answer all your questions.
Together, we have a chance to create a unique place with a global reach, which I wish all of
Łukasz Danielewski
CEO | Founder