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Artificial Intelligence: AI a Threat to the Creative Industry?

In the era of digital revolution, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is constantly changing the way we live, work, and create. Despite its numerous benefits, does AI also become a significant threat to the creative industry?

Automation and simplification of creative processes.

One of the main threats that AI poses to the creative industry is the automation of creative processes. Thanks to machine learning algorithms, AI can generate graphics, music, texts, and much more, leading to the replacement of human creativity with machine-generated content. This, in turn, simplifies the creative processes.

At Mateico, we value manual artistic work, the uniqueness of works, and human error, which often contributes to the uniqueness of a particular work. Therefore, we will pay particular attention to ensuring that works are created by artists rather than artificial intelligence.

Competition with AI-generated content

With the development of generative technology such as GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) or DeepDream, we increasingly observe content created by AI that not only looks authentic but is also difficult to distinguish from human-created content. This puts artists and creative professionals in competition with machines, which may lead to a decrease in demand for their services. But is it really so?

At Mateico, we believe that just as MP3 did not eliminate vinyl records from the market, likewise, artificial intelligence will not eliminate the demand for art, music, and photography created by humans. There will always be connoisseurs and individuals who appreciate the work put into the creativity of a particular artist.

Problem with originality and authenticity

Another threat is the problem of originality and authenticity of works created using AI. Since algorithms learn from existing data and patterns, there is a risk that content generated by them will be merely a modification of existing works rather than authentic creative outputs. This, in turn, may lead to a decrease in the artistic and cultural value of such works.

Additionally, at Mateico, we consider this a form of theft perpetrated against artists and creators, especially digital ones. Therefore, our mission is to support artists in times of advancing technology, where their talent will always come first.

Risk of job loss

The introduction of AI into the creative industry may also lead to job loss for humans. As AI becomes capable of taking over more and more tasks previously performed by humans, there is a risk that many professions related to creativity will become redundant or automated, leading to increased unemployment in this industry.

Impact on the development of creative skills

Increasing reliance on AI to create content may have a negative impact on the development of creative skills in humans. Instead of developing their own creative abilities and experimenting with various techniques and styles, people may rely on ready-made solutions provided by machines, leading to a decline in originality and innovation in the creative industry.


The conclusion is clear – although Artificial Intelligence can bring many benefits, the potential threats it poses to the creative industry cannot be ignored. It is necessary to find a balance between using AI technology as a supportive tool and preserving the value of human creativity and uniqueness in creative processes.